Statue of Liberty

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Classification is a method of developing an essay by arranging people, objects, or ideas with shared characteristics into particular classes or groups.

Week 11: Write a five paragraph classification essay. Pick a topic. Think of three classifications that the topic can be grouped in. The three groups will determine your three body paragraphs. See the outline form. Suggested outlines

Review the following classification essay topics. Choose the one you know the most about and think is best suited to an effective essay. The purpose of this essay is to present information on a topic based on how that topic can be classified or grouped. Topics

1. Hobbies
2. Study habits
3. Drivers
4. Reality shows on television
5. Dancing styles
6. Video games
7. Ways of boring people
8. Cheaters
9. Rides at an amusement park
10. Reasons for attending (or not attending) college
11. Ways of saving money
12. Ways of quitting smoking
13. Attitudes toward money
14. Diets
15. High school teachers or college professors
16. Ways of protecting the environment
17. .
Apply the following formatting guidelines.
Heading—top left corner (double space) First line—Name
Second line—Instructor’s name
Third line—Course number and section number
Fourth line—Date
Must be typed: 12 point font, double spaced, Calibri or Times New Roman fonts

Papers will be collected at the beginning of class. No late work is accepted.

Revision and editing tips:

o For each topic, follow the same order of discussion of your points of comparison.

o Each paragraph must have a topic sentence AND two main ideas. Each main idea has three sentences for supporting detail.

o Elaborate with supporting details: facts; descriptions; reasons; examples.

o Do not write in the first person (I, me, myself, etc.) OR the second person (you, your). For this essay, however, you may use the second person in the introduction and conclusion. Command statements are 2nd person. Avoid commands.

o Eliminate slang, informal, language, clichés, and contractions.

o Revise unnecessary or inconsistent shifts with pronouns (singular noun / they).

o Read essay aloud or have someone read it to you. Revise awkward wording.

o Use transition words at the beginning of each paragraph. The addition transition words are good for this purpose in a classification essay.

|Name ______________ 062 _____ Date __________ |Essay 3 Rubric | |Weight |Grade |Weighted |5 Paragraph Essay—Classification Essay— | | | |Score |Write essay to discuss types or categories of selected topic. | |2% | | |Heading/Formatting Use correct format—heading, double spaced, indent paragraphs, etc. | | | | |Title (centered following rules for titles) | |10% | | |Intro paragraph—Interesting paragraph that follows one of the models discussed in class— | | | | |Hook | | | | |Thesis statement at end of intro paragraph | |13% | | |First Body Paragraph—1st type (or category) | | | | |Begin paragraph with a transition word to show the order or significance of the paragraph’s...
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