Statement of Purpose for Mba

Topics: Management, Entrepreneurship, Learning Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: January 31, 2013

India is home to thousands of entrepreneurs. I want to be one of them. My country needs more skilled innovators who can create and launch cutting-edge products and services to keep India at the forefront of the technological tide. But we don’t have many first rate entrepreneurial studies programs like those that have produced by UK Universities.

LCA’s Master of Business Administration has exactly the kind of program I am seeking. The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies holds exciting events with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, offering networking opportunities and firsthand experience that I plan to take full advantage of to extend my learning. I’m also very excited by the Global Business Plan competition. Your business incubator encourages students to launch their own businesses, something that I aspire to myself.

I grew up in a family of very broad mined and supportive members. I might follow in their footsteps. Although I heard my parent’s wishes, business has always fascinated me more than other industries. I have followed with great interest some of India’s pioneering business leaders such as Ratan Tata and Anil Ambani who created successful organized companies from scratch. I look forward to studying in the heart of UK.

UK where many Indian-born entrepreneurs have launched start ups and others have opened UK. offices of their India-based companies.. Since I completed my studies at Master Of Computer Application, where I focused my studies on computer Technology.I always wanted to learn what makes a young, ambitious company succeed and how to work with a team to develop innovative products.

As I said, my future goal is to launch my own software company, and the best way to achieve that goal is to get an MBA with an entrepreneurial focus like your school offers.I am especially interested in studying with best tutor who teaches entrepreneurial studies as well as very friendly and world best environment for study. Also...
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