Statement of Purpose for Masters in Signal Processing

Topics: Image processing, Electrical engineering, Signal processing Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: November 22, 2010
I am Sendil Srinivasan and I hail from a family of Electrical Engineers. Being a child of two professors, the concepts of Electrical Engineering echo incessantly at my home. Born and brought up in such an ambience, I made a decision to take up Electrical Engineering as my career. Accordingly, I joined the Madras Institute of Technology campus of the prestigious Anna University. I love to explore philosophical perceptions of mathematical axioms. During my undergraduate study, I sharpened my intuitive intellect contemplating on physical interpretations for signal processing concepts. The challenges posed by biomedical signal processing enticed me to take up my dissertation on retinal image registration. The quest to realize signal processing algorithms in real-time made me understand the power of FPGA. During my graduate, I wish to enhance my knowledge in Image Processing and Biomedical Imaging and sharpen my skills in programming FPGA and embedded systems. This would groom me into a holistic researcher capable of providing end to end technology solutions. I am excited about the different activities of the bio-engineering research group of ECE. My current dissertation work deals with design and implementation of real time architecture for Retinal Image Registration. We are improvising the FAIR architecture designed at OSU to suit the specific requirements of Retinal Image Registration. I find that similar research projects such as optimal mass transport registration are being carried out by the Minerva Research group. In addition I understand that the research projects at Image based modeling and dynamics lab like Velocity-aided Cardiac Segmentation match my interests. Infact, I posses a priori work experience in Image Segmentation by which I programmed TMS320C6474 to measure the speed of a cricket ball using image segmentation technique. I wish to credit courses like ECE6250 and ECE6258 to help me gain the requisites to participate and contribute in similar...
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