Statement of Purpose for Management in Robotics

Topics: Academic degree, Robotics, Doctorate Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: December 7, 2012
My study plan is to pursue a Ph.D. at the x x x University in Canada concentrating on the discipline of robotics. This is a natural progression for me, because I already possess a BA and an MA both related to control, computer science and robotics research. Further evidence of my consistent commitment to and expertise in my chosen field is my position as a Research Assistant for the xxx Mobile Robots (THMR) Laboratory. Now, after dedicating eight years towards fulfilling my objective of becoming a fully-fledged authority on robotics, I feel well prepared for a doctoral program on the topic. Xxx University offers me the best possible opportunities to acquire leading edge knowledge and later contribute to robotics advancements in China. Why come to Canada to study in Robotics at x x x University? I selected Xxx University because its research focus, facilities and professors are absolutely ideal to help me meet my precise goals. My choice was made after comparing and contrasting carefully several different engineering schools. While many universities conduct investigations into robotic theories, this institution's Faculty of Engineering's specialist trait is research into robots used in industry. Not only will I be acquiring practical knowledge in my specific field, I will also be gaining expertise that is in great demand by industrial sectors in China. Additionally, I am attracted to the fact that the Faculty of Engineering holds strong ties with industrial organizations including the C-CORE. The Faculty partners provide substantial funding, advanced facilities and suitable test environments for research into robots. Furthermore, the PhD supervisors are C-CORE Chairs in intelligent systems, which indicate that experts with extensive and pioneering knowledge will appropriately guide my research and use me for excellent projects. I also chose these professors because not only will I be expected to study my particular area, I additionally must acquire a broad...
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