Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : June 29, 2013
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Soheil Sadeghi: Statement of Purpose

School of Operations Research & Information Technology

As a youngster growing up in a small town in central Iran I used to have a vague picture of pursuing a PhD degree in America. Most everyone with whom I shared my dream of studying in USA used to volunteer an opinion that I would stand no chance to achieve such a purpose. All along there was only one single prominent person in my life who always supported me in my quest to excel in learning: My Mom. Inspired by my Mom’s support and the burning desire to prove to others that I am able to make my dreams come true I decided to draw a road map to success where first step winning admission from Allame Tabatabaei High which is the best high school in the province. It was at Allame where one of my first turning points of my life occurred; I got familiar with one of the most attractive branches of Natural Science, Physics. My admiration grew by day towards scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen William Hawking, leading me to the point which I decided to participate in Regional Olympiad of Physics. Though I passed the first level, the lack of a well designed training program in the province prevented me from a successful attempt in the national level. However, I did not lose faith. In fact, it made me stronger and also ever firmer in my belief in this saying: “if there is a dead-end, then go through it”. With this attitude I could manage to achieve an excellent result – and also got to the second major turning point in my life – in the National University Admission Exams. In 2007 I attained the rank of 311 in my local region and 835 nationwide, among approximately 500,000 participants. This gave me a wide spectrum of options to choose my desired field of study as well as my university. Due to my solid background in mathematics as well as my high interest in engineering and mathematical sciences, I chose Industrial Engineering at Sharif University of Technology -the top...