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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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The role of a teacher goes far beyond being an individual who specializes in a specific academic area. In fact, a teachers possesses many attributes that illuminate any classroom or school. Firstly, they are trained to raise new generation of leaders. Secondly, teachers can be a support system for pupils and fellow teachers peers alike. Thirdly, they serve as disciplinarians in an effort to build a student's character (? I DON”T UNDERSTAND THIS PHRASEor their own?). And lastly, they purport themselves as professionals through their attire and their interaction with all concerned (i.e.: administration, distinguished faculty, parents and the student body). During my elementary school years, most of my teachers were either female, Caucasian, or both. A young, strong, urban male of Caribbean descent governing a class of 25 to 30 pupils wasn't commonplace. A perfect and rare example was my choreographer, the belated late Radcliffe Johnson. At age 12, I was actively involved in my youth dance ministry and was recommended by his mother and fellow parishioner, Beryl Smith. He instilled in me discipline, leadership, and a passion for both the arts and teaching which has resulted in a career catering to youths in many different facets, particularly in academics. My goal is to use my graduate studies and work experience to be that young, strong, male figure that Radcliffe was.

Teachers not only enhance a child's academic needs, but they also cater to them emotionally and psychologically. Children begin to experience their growing pains between grades three and six as they conjure up many curiosities about their gender roles, attraction to the opposite sex, proper etiquette, acceptance from teachers and peer groups and familial issues (e.g.: lack of parental guidance). Unfortunately, they there are students who build up a barrier between themselves and the teacher because of lack of trust or low self-esteem. I am reminded of a devotional that I read from Milwaukee...
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