Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Masters of Business Administration – Corporate MBA
Statement of Purpose
I am applying for admission to the Corporate MBA program, as I would like to continue to develop my career in business research and teaching. I am interested in exploring factors that affect student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness. My professional and educational backgrounds have enabled me to examine some issues related to the assessment of student learning such as academic rigor and learning styles, and their impact on student retention and persistence. Additionally, I have examined issues related to institutional effectiveness such as students’ financial background and employment, and their impact on retention. However, through my enrollment in this program, I would be given the opportunity to not only generalize these findings to the entire student population but I would also be able to examine specific student groups to determine their impact on retention and other factors related to institutional effectiveness. Research shows that regional accrediting bodies are becoming concerned about the level of development and learning that institutions are providing to students, and the major areas of concern are assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness. In order to gain an appreciation for these and related issues, and expand my knowledge base, it is essential for me to develop a stronger foundation in research, measurement, and evaluation. A master’s degree would prove beneficial in supplementing my professional experience in institutional research and assessment, and would thus be invaluable in helping me achieve my primary educational objectives. This program would help me improve my quantitative and qualitative research skills and abilities, through thorough review of the theoretical approaches to research and also by analyzing practical problems using relevant methodologies and statistical software. While my doctoral degree was quite adequate in...
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