Truancy and Classroom Management

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  • Published : September 21, 2008
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Truancy and Classroom Management
Dewayne Brown
EDU 602-0804A-02 Analysis, Assessment and Technology
Dr. Trude Fawson
September 7, 2008

This paper provides information about a proposed qualitative research project in order to find a link between effective classroom management and long term decreases in recidivism rates of juvenile offenders and a gradual nationwide decrease in the amount of truancy and truancy related programs. Students will be given a questionnaire and a face to face interview and asked to compare classroom management and instruction styles of teachers that they would rate as good and teachers that would be rated as bad. In addition, comparisons would be done between the responses of the juvenile offender and the honor student.

Imagine one early afternoon you are enjoying lunch with a coworker when suddenly your cell phone rings. On the other end is the local police station informing you that your child has been arrested. The increase in absenteeism in our nation’s schools has caused an uprising of Truancy programs. Truancy is more commonly referred to as kids just playing hooky. Although a normal adolescent thought it is not normally carried out until now. Truancy has been linked to juvenile crime again and again. “It was found that students who are charged with truancy are statistically significantly more likely to commit other juvenile crimes than students who are not charged with truancy.” (Inman, R. 2005). With the rise in juvenile crimes comes the rise in juvenile detention centers and residential programs especially in states like Pennsylvania. One such facility is my place of employment Abraxas Academy. There are a number of juvenile offenders with felony convictions. Abraxas is a secure residential facility that houses juveniles convicted of theft, assaults, drug – related charges, and even sexual assaults. Most of these juveniles have a very lengthy...
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