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  • Published : September 30, 2013
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Technology draws my attention since i was a child.When i pass the examination for the university, i chose a department which i can learn more about technology,Electronics Engineering.When i was sophomore at university,i had an operation from my eye.The medical devices which doctors used in my operation impressed me very much.Subsequently at 3rd grade, i take an introduction to biomedical engineering course and after i bought “An introduction to Biomedical Engineering ” book to get informed about biomedical engineering and its applications in daily life.This field is a great opportunity for me to earn a masters degree through implementing my knowledge which i learnt in my bachelors degree.Besides,its purpose, to serve human health, is extremely important for me to specialize in this area.

I study my bachelors degree of electronics engineering at a prestigious college ,(collage name).Until my last year at university i took many courses, and some courses attract me more such as Signals and Systems,Microprocessors,Analog Electronics,Systems Engineering and introduction to Biomedical Engineering.In my last year of bachelors degree i have a CGPA 3.09/4.00 because of the competitive grading system.Besides the academic side i also made practical jobs.I did an internship at (institution name).During my intership i worked in the Systems Engineering Department and i tried to make F-16 radar display unit using MATLAB and its GUI toolbox. Moreover, i worked for Children University which is a branch of (college name).Teaching basic electronic lessons and designing circuits in the direction of children’s thought were my duty.Throughout this work, i made simulations on Proteus-Isıs and made PCB designs via Proteus-Ares.Also i programmed PIC’s using the CCS C software.Besides this i had a great experience about teaching lessons to children.In addition to these job experiences i worked for technical student clubs.I was a member of solar car team.Furthermore i participate in...
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