Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Statement of Purpose

To whom it may concern,

I'm a student at Paris' Polytechnic University specializing in Computer Science. Right from the very first time I heard about your double degree program I was very interested. Not only given the opportunity to study a year abroad, immersing myself into another culture, but also receiving an american masters degree by a top institution would sure add a lot of value to my professional options.

The more I found out about it the more I believed it a perfect fit for me. This last year I complemented my studies with an internship at Accenture Technology Solutions. During this internship I realized that although I've always enjoyed my studies in Computer Science I needed also to broaden my knowledge with business subjects. That's how I finally decided for the Masters in Computer Science with specialization in Business.

The summer before university I went to Johns Hopkins University for their Pre-College Summer Student Program where I studied 'Programming in Java' and 'Astronomy' so I feel confident I'll be able to adapt to having classes in English and done in the american learning style which implies more work done from the student.

During my years in university I've always enjoyed the extra-curricular activities offered by my school. I joined the Rugby team the first year and for the last two was appointed second captain and responsible for the teams trainings. Afterwards I joined the photography and film club where I was able to share my interest about movies with others. On my third year I wanted to help organize our university trip to Mexico, so I took the duties of treasurer and helped raise money to cheapen the trip. Doing so many activities helped me better manage my time and learn to prioritize in order to never neglect my studies.

The experience I got during my internship made me think about what I wanted to do after I got my degree and because I enjoyed it so much I think consulting could be...
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