State the Different Assessment Methods Available and Explain the Ones You Would Use for Your Subject Area

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  • Published : January 10, 2011
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State the different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Including reference to initial assessment. State the type of assessment records you would complete and explain why. (450 words)

Making and recording assessments helping to determine teaching methods deployed, progress and outcomes is an ongoing process for both teachers and learners. The information collected ensures maintainance of standards, provides data for Quality Assurance Systems and evidences learners progress. Information is then compiled, recorded and referred to, enabling the teacher to include differentiated activities on session plans and facilitating constructive feedback.

Initial assessments are completed by learners to ascertain individuals motivation in enrolling, prior knowledge/experience, preferred learning methods, goals and expectations. Plus health questionnaires disclosing any ongoing health issues or disabilities that require assistance or adaptations. With a physical subject such as dance initial assessment includes observing learners performance in terms of correct stance, balance, general co-ordination, following a beat and communication skills. Assessment is also made from discussions and question and answer sessions together with information recorded on ILP’s. The results are then set down on group profiles and records of initial assessment for reference when planning inclusive and differentiated sessions.

Formative assessments, updating progression information, are continually made during the course through question and answer sessions, group and individual discussions. In my subject this would cover history, styles, terminology and feedback on whether learners feel they are attaining their goals. Observation of performance allows assessment of isolation technique, correctly executing moves, safe transistions plus how learners relate to the music. Throughout the course you continually assess how well learners are...
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