State Bank of Mysore Project

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As a part of the MBA programme, I have undertaken Project Work Organizational Study of State Bank of Mysore, which I completed as per the requirements of the organization as well as project rules.

This internship did enable me to understand the nuances of the service sector and get an on-hand experience of application of theoretical knowledge. In fact it gave me a look-through to gimmicks of the game and assured me of the fact that „Business is a combo of Art, Science and Profession.

I did gain good amount of knowledge since I had an encounter with the assets of the organization or rather Employees of the firm, its‟ culture, practices, departments, so...On and so forth.

Walter Lipmann says “The ultimate test of a leader is found by the trail he leaves behind and not by what he has achieved”. And therefore let me take you through further in this report to show you what trail State Bank of Mysore has left by being a Leader in letter and spirit.

The study is limited to the information drawn from the authorities of the organization and its‟ respective website. The study is not proposed to be an expert study since the time frame offered for the study was very short. However the scope of the study, by and large is all inclusive though there could be areas which are not addressed to due to the reason stated above already.

All in all it was an experiential learning that an MBA candidate is expected to possess which was possible because of curriculum defined by the Bangalore University and State Bank of Mysore. Rest assured I am now for this internship has cleared the veil in front of us to let us know how actually does a firm look like and functions, unlike what we had read in the books. Chapter - 1


Organisation is the foundation upon which the whole structure of management is built. Organisation is related with developing a frame work where the total work is divided into manageable components in order to facilitate the achievement of objectives or goals. Thus, organisation is the structure or mechanism (machinery) that enables living things to work together. In a static sense, an organisation is a structure or machinery manned by group of individuals who are working together towards a common goal. “Organisation is the process of identifying and grouping work to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority and establishing relationship for the purpose of enabling people to wore most effectively together in accomplishing objectives”.


Different authors have defined organisation in different ways. The main definitions of organisation are as follows: • According to Keith Davis, "Organisation may be defined as a group of individuals, large of small, that is cooperating under the direction of executive leadership in accomplishment of certain common object."

• According to Chester I. Barnard, "Organisation is a system of co-operative activities of two or more persons."

• According to Louis A. Allen, "Organisation is the process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority, and establishing relationship for the purpose of enabling people to work most effectively together in accomplishing objectives." • According to Mooney and Railey, "Organisation is the form of every human association for the attainment of a common purpose." IMPORTANCE OF ORGNISATIONAL STUDY

The effectiveness and efficiency of organization helps in providing the continuity and success to the enterprise. There are many factors that explain the importance and objectives of organisation and they are:- 1. Facilitates Administration: An efficient and sound organisation make easy for the management to relate the flow of resource continually...
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