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Overview of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh: A study on Contribution of ICB Mutual Fund



1.1. Origin of the Report
To match theoretical knowledge with that of practical field, internship plays a vital role for the students of business education. With this program the student get experiences and know that how much theoretical knowledge is deviated from the real facts. To give the test, each business students of Dept. of Business Administration, Stamford University Bangladesh has to carry out an internship program. That's why; I had been placed for internship program in Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) for a period of two month.

1.2. Importance of the Study
I have got the opportunity to work in the Investment Corporation Bangladesh, as a part of the internship program. As I have finished the MBA. It was time for me to get real life experience. Having understanding this I decided to do my internship in renowned organization as Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB). Now a days everybody wants to do there internship in private bank as they are performing well. As I came to know that ICB is an equity financer for the corporate investors and only disburse long term finance, and play a vital role in capital market. I decide to do my internship in ICB. 1.3. Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this study is to identify and familiarize with the objectives of the organization, function and analyzed performance of ICB in the capital Market. Other objectives of this report are as follows: To evaluate and analyze-

# To evaluate and analyze the portfolio performance of ICB Mutual Fund # To understand the operation and management of investment banking in Bangladesh. # To know the role Investment Corporation of Bangladesh as the market maker. # To understand the activities and contribution of mutual funds in the capital markets. # To obtain the knowledge about how the ICB Mutual Funds are managed.

1.4. Sources and Methods of Data Collection

For the purpose of preparing this report, I have carefully observed all of the departments of ICB and got some information from the responsible officers at certain department. Sources of data collection are as follows: a) Primary sources:

Primary sources data are those, which are collected from face to face discussion with the help of the officials of various departments of ICB in charge. b) Secondary sources:
Secondary sources of data include:
Ordinance of ICB.
Annual reports of ICB.
Daily Newspapers, journals and books & various write up of Economic & Business Research Library. Monthly review of DSE & CSE.
General Information.
Materials & documents of ICB.
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

1.5. Limitations of the Study
There were some difficulties, which I have faced in preparing this report. I have worked all the departments of ICB one after another. ICB is large corporation and therefore study time two months is too short to prepare a comprehensive report on the Mutual Fund & Unit Fund of ICB in the Capital Market. Other constraints l has faced during the course of study are as follows: Secrecy of the official's

Unavailability of relevant papers and documents.
Insufficiency of necessary information.
Relevant data sets, papers & documents were not available for us. These convey their inability for not providing all materials. Our capital market is shallow & imperfect that is why various financial analyses cannot be applied to judge the performance of ICB.


Overview of
Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)

Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) is a statutory corporation. It is mainly an investment bank. As an investment bank is a financial institution, which mobilized fund from the surplus economic units by savings securities and developed funds to the deficit economic unit also by buying/underwriting securities. After Liberation in view of social...
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