Starbucks in Taiwan

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  • Published : February 21, 2012
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Starbucks In Taiwan
Learn How President Starbucks Localized An International Industry

President Starbucks was established in 1998 as a joint venture of Starbucks Coffee International, Uni-President and President Chain Store Corporation. In a rapid expansion, President Starbucks has opened 233 stores in Taiwan. Continuing the innovative “Starbucks Spirit” from Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, President Starbucks in Taiwan also develops its own special products and marketing strategies in line with the Taiwanese culture and market. As a result, President Starbucks survived the competitive coffee market and gained the leading position in Taiwan. While Starbucks Coffee International is cutting the number of its stores in the US, President Starbucks is using marketing activities across the retail group's different brands to bring in new customers. For example, bonus points gathered by shopping at President Chain Store can be used in a “Buy-One, Get-One-Free” program that doubled the number of President Starbucks customers nationwide. By fully utilizing the marketing expertise of its local partner, the strategy has yielded outstanding results. The group-wide activity continued for a month, and on the last day, Starbucks shops and President Chain Store had long lines of customers wanting to exchange their accumulated bonus points. In addition to marketing activities, the President Starbucks team developed its own products according to Taiwan diet preferences. They found that Taiwanese love drinking tea, so President Starbucks used several Taiwan local teas to create “Starbucks Tea”. This product now attracts customers in Taiwan and throughout Asia. New product like Green Tea Cream Frappuccino has been recognized by the U.S. headquarters and is now exported to Starbucks in Singapore. The tea series successfully attracted new customers who are tea lovers and had not been to Starbucks. According to President Starbucks, the Taiwan tea series brought in over 100 million...
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