Marketing Essay for Starbucks

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Analyzing global coffee company

November 29, 2011

Table of contents


(1) History summary

(2) Strategy

1) Best Product

2) Marketing

3) Image of Starbucks

4) Take out coffee in the rapid society



As known Global Company all over the world, Starbucks has been loved from tons of coffee- drinkers. In Hawai’i, coffee is the best production for sales. Here are some Hawaiian coffee brands but still Starbucks has occupied most of coffee market, even UH. In order to know their business management’s methods and extend the coffee industry, let us know how Starbucks works.

(1) History

Starbucks is the best coffee take- out store all over the world, which aims new espresso coffee culture as a roaster coffee brand. Gerald Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegle started at Pike Place Market, Seattle in 1971. The brand name came from the mate of the novel “Moby Dick” Starbuk who loves coffee and symbol from mermaid woodcut in Norway. In the company logo, it shows “Starbucks, tea and spice”. At that time, it was not popular to sell a cup of coffee; people bought a raw bulk tea or spicy. In 1982, Starbucks was the coffee company that sold special coffee and there was Howard Shultz who did marketing, left the company in 1985. One year later, he opened the coffee shop named “ll Giornale”, which was the first Starbucks. The store sold Cappuccino, Espresso, etc including ground coffee and it was big hit. In 2 years, he got 6 stores, factories and finally bought the brand name, making Starbucks Cooperation. The Starbucks got the new store in Japan as the first one oversea in1996 and stretched to U.K in 1998. Moreover, at 2003, it took over Seattle best coffee and the other company from Italy. From that, they reached about 6,400 stores all over the worlds. Starbucks purchased the best Arabica coffee beans and created about 30 blending through roasting. They offer fresh pastry, salads, and sandwich. Also, it sells coffee drinks, machines for distill, CD, books, logo cubs, and accessories, which is about 100 different items, even we can see those items not only Starbucks but also any markets these days.

(2) Strategy

1) Best product
The Starbucks standard of the product of freshness and quality is so rigid as known. The Starbucks Baristas are trained strictly to make the best scent and taste coffee. The new trainers get 80 hours training program and are monitored by the seniors to be a barista in the company. The taste and quality of coffee is really important to reinforce the brand “Starbucks”. The special taste from Starbucks comes from the rigidly controlled skills. They have the system for buying the best Arabica coffee and look around all over the world for the valuable source. They seek the best things for the roasting, blending, and cooling as Starbuck’s knowhow. They just buy the best coffee beans, even though that is expensive. In addition, if they decide it is not that much best thing they think, they donate those coffee beans to charities. The water for coffee is from the latest water purifier. Also, they are the first one to manage complex coffee chains for coffee manufacturing, coffee bar, and retail business, now showing Starbucks.

2) Marketing

Starbuck store is not the place just to sell coffee, but for feel comfortable, joyful emotionally with drinking coffee. It is more than just drinking coffee by giving you emotional sense of unity as a cultural symbol. They emphasize the Starbucks coffee shop is a third place for social meetings out of the house or company. To say again, making a space for communication and rest is Starbuck’s motive. To give customers comfortable feeling, the Starbucks’s interior is focused on being natural like green logo, wall painting, and whole glass windows. On the other hand, it is in the harmony with modernized tables and cubs. Also, they choose music which can make feel...
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