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Starbucks Introduces New Black Apron Exclusives™ Coffee

04.07.2007 10:00:00
Starbucks introduces new Black Apron Exclusives™ coffee - Zambia Terranova Estate available at a Bristol Starbucks coffee house from 4th July. A taste of Zambia comes to Bristol Cribbs Causeway this summer, as Starbucks brings its latest Black Apron Exclusives™ coffee to the city. The Cribbs Causeway Starbucks coffee house will be stocking the beans, which are so exceptional that the store is one of only 32 in the whole of the UK and one of just two in the South West selling them.

Black Apron Exclusives™ are rare and exotic coffees that are only available in small quantities, and Zambia Terranova Estate is the latest in the selection. They are discovered by Starbucks coffee buyers on farms around the world – often completely by accident - and are prized for their flavour and distinctiveness. As they are so precious and unparalleled, to miss them once could mean you’ll never experience them again. Other wholebean coffees from Latin America, Africa & Arabia and Asia Pacific are available in stores throughout the year. The difference between these and Black Apron Exclusives™ is that while they are all made from the top 2% of Arabica beans, there is a more plentiful crop of the other wholebean coffees so production of them can be sustained.

For each selected Black Apron Exclusives™ coffee, Starbucks honours the farmer with an award of $15,000 to be used toward social projects that will help improve the lives of farmers in the community. Past awards have helped to positively impact local education, health, transportation, coffee-processing facilities and the environment. The award for Zambia Terranova Estate Black Apron Exclusives™ coffee will be directed toward the community and the environment. The coffee is grown on and benefits a wild game reserve. In addition, much of the...
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