Standards of Rating Hotels in Russia

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“There are no international unified standards for awarding stars to hotels,” said Sergei Korneyev, director for the northwest at the Russian Tourism Industry Union. * Each country has its own system, and it is very inconvenient for tourists, since, for example, Egyptian stars differ from European ones. There have been many misunderstandings. WHAT IS :An hotel ranking is a system, taking into account a full range of factors including quality of accommodation, range of amenities, standards of service, atmosphere and prices as well as customers experience, and feedback in order to classify hotels There are currently about 30 national systems of hotel classification around the world. * Among them are the letters system used in Greece and the crowns system used in the U.K., though the most widespread system is the star classification * While all hotels in Moscow claim a specific number of stars, there is no reliable, universal system of classification in operation. This can often lead to unrealistic expectations, disappointment, and it may be hard to know what to expect from your hotel in terms of standards, services, and amenities as a first-time travelers to Russia.

Suchi Hotels first and then the entire country of Russia
* Since July 2010 Sochi hotels were obliged to classify themselves by the demands of the International Olympic Committee (classification as the country gears up to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games). The Governor of Krasnodar region decided to first expand this requirement to the whole region and now to the whole country.  As new legislation passes, starting this summer season of 2012 only star-rated hotels were able to accommodate tourists. A little bit of History:

* The first attempts to introduce classification standards in Russia were made in the Soviet era. In 1984, a document was drawn up dividing hotels into seven categories. The regulation existed until 1994 and was followed by three more certification...
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