Hospitality and Transport

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Structure of Travel and Tourism Assessment 2:
Part A:

How the Hospitality and Transport sectors have been developed historically? *

The historical development of hospitality has been developed for more than2000 years. There are normally 3 different types of hospitality, which are: i) hostels ii) motel and iii) hotel. There is also self-camping facility for people staying and living in the campsites. The first early travelers were either warriors or traders or people who traveling for education or religious purpose. As there was no hotel at that time, so they pitched their tents for temporary accommodation. After the camping period, there were some small Inns that were the first type of commercial enterprise within Hospitality industry, this has been the first catering service in the field of hospitality where customers pay for different service while staying in the Inns. In the early days, the travelers used to stay in a large communal room with limited privacy and the places were rough and simple. All the guests were usually shared the same quarter with their houses and livestock. As time went on, some luxuries structure of hospitality was gradually introduced for the wealthy travelers with private rooms and toilets. There was little improvement had been made in the inns, the Hoshi Ryokanis - the world’s oldest hotel, it is located in Komatsu, Japan. The hotel and spa have been owned by the same family since 1300 years ago.

The quality assurance scheme (Star rating) is usually rated by customers who had been staying in the hotels. The star rating system allows customers to assess the standard of accommodation and rate them at their own choices. It also motivates businesses to continually improve or maintain their standards and encourages healthy competition. Nowadays, the hotel industry has equipped with a Star rating for people to review. The rating is start off with the lowest rating e.g. ‘One Star’ rating which represents clean and tidy, have basic facilities, acceptable with all basic needs in the rooms. They may even provide breakfast for the guests as well. On the other hand, the higher the hotel rating means better and more luxury the hotels are. For example the Six Stars rated hotel will normally include a 24- hours’ reception and room service, internet PC and self-care production in the room. The world highest rating hotel is ‘The Burj Al Arab hotel’ in Dubai that is widely described as a "Seven-Star" property.

New Trends of hospitality:
* Electronic check-ins, guests’ registers as preferred customers are sent key cards equipment with the latest of identification technology that uses radio frequencies. On the day of guest ‘s confirmed arrival, a text message will be sent to their mobile device carrying basic details: room number, timing and the guest do not have to go to the check in desk while arrived, they just have to simply moves to his room and uses the key card. It saves time for both the guests and the hotel. *

The historical development of transportation:
The first earth tracks were created by humans. The first ever transportation was using animals such as horses, oxen and donkeys which became an element in track-creation. Tracks were often flattened or widened to accommodate animal traffic. Few years later, the Travis was developed to use on the icy road.

By the development of transport, the first modern highways were designed by John Loudon McAdam, using paving material of soil and stone. The modern history of road transport also involves into the development of transportation such as new models of horse- drawn vehicles, bicycles, motorcars, motor trucks and electric vehicles.

The development in UK:
The main transportation in UK is facilitated air, rail and water networks. A radial road networks have a total of 29,145 miles of main roads, 2173 miles of motorways and 213750 miles of paved roads. The rail network consists of two...
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