Room Division

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The following organizational criteria determine the staffing composition of a hotel: * A hotel’s size classification
* A hotel’s location type
* A hotel’s product type (service level and target market)

Most full-service hotels have six main functional departments. Each of these departments will exist, in the form or another, regardless of location type or product type, They include: * Rooms Division

* Food and Beverage
* Accounting
* Human Resources
* Engineering
* Sales and catering
Interaction of Functional Departments with the Rooms Division * Food and Beverage
Manual posting of outlet charges
* Human Reources
* Accounting
Night Audit
Currency Control
* Engineering
Maintain the quality of the guest room
Hotel infrastructure maintenance
* Sales and Catering
Transient room sales
Group bookings

A traditional deployment scenario includes
* General Manager
* Director of Food and Beverage
* Director of marketing
* Director of Human Resources
* Director of Engineering
* Controller
* These mangers are involved in day to day hotel operations * Each member of the leadership team may have one or more department heads reporting to him or her * Department head level managers may in turn have entry level managers reporting to them. -------------------------------------------------


1.Rooms Division Department
is typically composed of five different departments:
a) Front Office
b) Reservation
c) Housekeeping
d) Uniformed Services
e) Telephone

a) Front Office:
Sell guestrooms; register guests and design guestrooms
Coordinate guest services
Provide information
Maintain accurate room statistics, and room key inventories Maintain guest account statements and complete proper financial settlements

b) Reservation:
Receive and process reservation requests for future overnight accommodations. With technology development, the Reservation Department can, on real time, access the number and types of rooms available, various room rates, and furnishings, along with the various facilities existing in the hotel There should be close relation-ships with Sales and Marketing Division concerning Large Group Reservations

c) Housekeeping:
Inspects rooms before they are available for sale
Cleans occupied and vacant rooms
Communicates the status of guestrooms to the Front Office Department Cleans and presses the property’s linens, towels, and guest clothing (if equipped to do so, free of charge or for a pre-determined fee) Maintains recycled and non-recycled inventory items

d) Uniformed Services:
Bell Attendants: Ensure baggage service between the lobby area and guestrooms Door Attendants: Ensure baggage service and traffic control at hotel entrance(s) Valet Parking Attendants: Ensure parking services for guest’s automobiles Transportation Personnel: Ensure transportation services for guests from and to the hotel Concierge: Assists guests by making restaurant reservations, arranging for transportation, and getting tickets for theater, sporting, or any other special events

e) Telephone Department:
Answers and distributes calls to the appropriate extensions, whether guest, employee, or management extensions Places wake-up calls
Monitors automated systems
Coordinates emergency communications
‘Protects Guest Privacy‘

2. Food & Beverage Department:
According to U.S. Lodging 1995 statistics, F&B Department constitutes the second revenue generator of a typical hotel with an average of 23.1 for Food sales, and 8.6 % for Beverage sales. In a five-star hotel, Food and Beverage outlets...
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