Standard vs. Automatic Compare & Contrast Essay

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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Jacob Phaneuf
Eng 101
(Compare & Contrast)

When buying a new car, many people do not stop to think about what kind of transmission that they would like. While most cars today come in automatic versions, there are also five and six speed standard transmissions available on most car models. While certain people may not even know how to drive a standard transmission, it is not the popular choice, but for the people who enjoy using both feet to drive there is always the option. While most cars on the road today are automatics there are still ups and downs to both transmissions, standards may last longer, but automatics are easier to use and more convenient. Standards are usually sportier then the everyday persons automatic car, but they can also save on gas, and can be a little quicker compared to the same exact same automatic transmission model.

While driving a standard can be a nightmare for some, others enjoy this feeling very much. Being able to drive with two feet is a very odd thing to be able to get used to, and also having a third pedal. This added third pedal is called a clutch, and must be pressed every time the vehicle switches gears, where as in a automatic the transmissions switches gears unnoticeably and requires no action from the driver. While having the control to be able to tell a vehicle what gear to go into when ever you want too, gives the car a much sportier feel, but also makes the vehicle a lot more fun to drive and also a little quicker off the start. Driving a standard is only for certain people though, while to others it may seem easy, learning to drive a standard can be a difficult task and if not done right can result in stalling or even permanent car damages.

Having many things to remember to do while driving a car can be a frustrating thing to have to do, but thankfully there are automatic transmissions, which has many more conveniences and is much easier to use and drive then a standard car. Driving an...
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