Stick Shift vs. Automatic

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  • Published : June 15, 2012
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Stick Shift vs. Automatic

Manual vs. Automatic
Andrew Telecky
ENG121: English Composition I
Holly Wilcox
March 2012

I. Why are manual transmission cars so popular?
II. What makes a manual transmission car more favorable? a) Requires more skill
b) Safer
c) More Fun
I Advantages of a manual transmission vehicle.
a) Fuel Efficient
b) Better Acceleration
c) Driver Personality
d) Out lasts the other
e) Skilled Drivers
IV. Advantages of an automatic transmission vehicle.
a) Easier (less skill)
b) Requires less concentration
V. In the end vehicle appeal, price, and safety are what makes the choice.

Stick Shift vs. Automatic

Manual vs. Automatic

Why are manual transmission cars so popular? That is the question asked when manual transmissions are more difficult to drive, and you must be skilled to drive them. Automatic transmission cars are easier to drive, which can turn your driving in to comfort, especially while driving in heavy traffic. The purpose of this essay is to contrast manual transmission cars with automatic transmission cars. People who drive manual transmission cars know the difference and the advantages of having total control of your car engine; people who drive cars with automatic transmissions do not. What I mean by this is a driver cannot continue to be in a gear for longer such as a manual transmission vehicle can. Automatic cars are setup to change the gears in the transmission automatically without control of the driver. Cars with automatic transmissions are a great way to drive around because they do not require much driving skill....
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