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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Australia and the United States of America



March 5, 2013
Beth Walters, Ed.D

Australia and the United States of America

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard and President Barack Obama, both changed history in their countries. Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister of Australia, and Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States of America. America and Australia may seem like similar countries in terms of their fashions, popular music, and changing political history; however, the two countries differ greatly. In Australia, the cost of living is higher, drinking alcohol and driving privileges are different from the United States of America. Drinking Alcohol

The legal drinking age differs differently between Australia and the United States. In Australia the legal age to consume and purchase alcohol is 18 years old; however anyone under the legal age may drink with adult supervision. “In May 2008, three submissions to the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into Ready-to-drink alcohol beverages recommended that the drinking age be raised to 21, with Drug Awareness suggested that after 21 the brain is better protected from this toxin" (Alcohol Laws Of Australia, 2013). Although the legal age to consume and purchase alcohol is 21 years old in the United States, American need only to be 18 years old to serve alcohol. While Australia has legalized drinking at a young age with adult supervision, underage drinking is illegal in some states of America; however it is legal for minors to drink on United States territories such as Puerto Rico. It is clear that in Australia it is legal for a minor to drink, however the adolescent may not know the consequences that may come with drinking. The United States have created a law to stop underage drinking, though the minors may get away with it, they understand the aftermath of drinking and getting caught. Driving Privileges

To obtain a driver’s...
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