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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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We have identified nine groups of stakeholders who are either most affected by our product or who most affect our product. These are employees, consumers, customers, shareowners, government and regulatory authorities, non-government organizations, local communities and civic societies, and suppliers, including Coca-Cola AMATIL. We aim to keep these groups informed about our product and to have constructive discussions with them on issues of common concern.

Through direct engagement and research, we identify the concerns of our stakeholders. We review and prioritize the issues raised and, where appropriate, change our approach.

Responsibilities to stakeholder groups:

* Shareholders – Generate profits and pay dividends.
* Customers – provide good quality products at reasonable prices. Safety, honesty, decency and truthfulness. * Employees – health and safety at work, security, fair pay. * Suppliers – pay on time, pay fair rates for the work done, provide element of security. * Local Community – provide employment, safe working environment, minimise pollution and negative externalities – provide external benefits. * Government – abide by the law, pay taxes, and abide by regulations. * Management – their aims versus those of the organisation as a whole. * Environment – limit pollution, congestion, environmental degradation, development, etc.

Contribution of the stakeholder:

* Shareholders: Interested parties who seek and publish financial and other business performance information about our company. * Costumers: All outlets from which our beverages are sold to Australian consumers. * Employees: Individuals who operate our production facilities, sales and distribution centers and administrative offices. * Suppliers: Suppliers who provide us with ingredients, packaging, promotional materials and other goods and services. * Local community: Local territories within Australia which...
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