Stages of Ego Development

Topics: Consciousness, Stage, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Stages of Ego Development
Nancy Williams PSY/230 9/28/2012 Diane Pascoe

Jane Loevinger’s eight stages of ego development explain how we develop from an egocentric level to living completely conscious and aware. (McAdams, (2009), p.373) Jane talked about the ego develop mentation of all people and how they view themselves. She also indicates what differences and positive changes occur as we grow within. The stages of ego development are not just Jane talking about the stages from child to adult, but also the fact that adults have stopped developing in this area and what stages they may develop through life. The first stage that Jane brought to our attention was the impulsive stage. This is when we solely rely on our bodily feelings and is before we begin to mature. An example of the impulsive stage would be when a person thinks that someone is either good or bad, depending on their actions. (McAdams, (2009), p.375) Once the impulsive stage has been taken to the next level, it manifests to the self-protective stage. The self-protective stage is introduced as the second stage of ego development. After the impulsive stage is developed, the self-protective stage comes into play when an individual begins to take the initiative to control themselves of acting on impulse. (McAdams, (2009), p.376) Acting on impulse is natural for a person who is in the first stage of development but with the self-protective stage, the ego has advanced to the realization that they can control their impulses, and then they move on to the next level. After the second stage is the stage of the conformist. A conformist is when a person’s ego has developed to a level where they feel the need to belong and...
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