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Topics: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: May 2, 2011
“Erikson whole heartedly held to the idea that development was not simply psychosexual but also psychosocial. The idea of this paper is to recognize my personal and present psychosocial stage of development. I will attempt to review the behaviors and influences on my relationships along with the negative and positive outcomes of my stage of psychosocial development. I will also discuss other developmental influences that have shaped my personality.  Erikson had developed a chart of eight stages of psychosocial development. Each of these stages shows positive and negative outcomes for personality development. These eight stages are the following: Trust vs. Mistrust at 1 year old, autonomy vs. doubt/shame at 2-3 years old, Initiative vs. guilt at 4-5 years old, industry vs. inferiority at latency, identity vs. diffusion at adolescence, intimacy vs. isolation early- adulthood, and lastly, integrity vs. despair at later years. Current Psychosocial Stage of Development: In looking over Erikson’s psychosocial stage chart I have come to the conclusion that my current stage of development is Intimacy versus Isolation. Erikson states that this stage of development usually occurs in early adulthood. According to Erikson the positives of this stage of development are sharing with family, friends, coworkers and partners about all work, thoughts and feelings. The negatives include avoidance of intimacy and superficial relationships. (Cervone & Pervin, p 102 )  Influences on Behaviors: The influences on my behavior of this developmental stage are mixed at best. I am capable of sharing my thoughts, feelings and work with others, but I often choose to keep to myself. Often I am anti-social. I am a mixture of overly cautious and overly empathetic. I choose, at times, to share all or nothing of myself with others. I am careful with who I confide in but at the same time who I do confide in I share too much of myself. I am very controlling and don’t like to share my...
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