Stage Fright

Topics: The Stage, The Drama Club Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: September 29, 2008
From time to time, people in the world are going to be able to experience two things in there lifetime. One is there opportunity to have their fifteen minutes of fame; a time in which they are recognized greatly by people for something they have done. The second is when someone is pointed out of a crowd, or put on the spot to do something, and that person suddenly develops there own stage fright. I was one of those people, the type that preferred to be in the background instead of in front. I was the type that wanted someone else to do something that involved being in front of others. All of my years of nervousness and shying away taught me something; taking the time to just to breathe can really help calm a person down.

It was the big day for everyone in the drama club on that one spring afternoon. Citrus High School's drama department was searching for talented students to be in its next big musical: "High School Musical." Some thought that it crept closer and closer throughout the past week, while others, mostly newcomers, wanted time to just slow down. Ms. Neander, the drama teacher, told everyone who was auditioning to take an application and wait outside in the hallway until their name was called to come back in. Everyone seemed to have a bit of jitter to them. Some were walking back and forth trying to memorize all of lines they had been working on to deliver to the judges inside, while others were quietly humming the bars of music they decided on a few days before. I sat near the doorway with my legs crossed and my mind racing. I couldn’t help thinking of all of the reasons why I shouldn’t be auditioning for this show, all of them leading back to the same conclusion: being nervous. I had all the requirements needed to take on this audition, which consisted of a one-minute monologue, and a 16-bar excerpt from as song, and it needed to be memorized. The kicker here for me is that it needed to be performed, and in front of people who were...
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