Staffing Policy and Effective Teams in New Markets

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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Subject Area: staffing policy and effective teams when entering new markets

Introduction to proposal
Nike is a major publicly traded sportswear brand based in the United States of America. It is the worlds leading supplier of athletic footwear and apparel and a major producer of sports equipment. Nike supplies over 150 countries and their experience in a wide range of markets therefore means when entering new markets, they would already have a set of processes and a solid structure of how to dominate the market. When entering new markets many different business and human management aspects have to be considered. Two main concerns are what staffing policy should be adopted when entering these new markets, and also how the head office can ensure they build an effective team in these markets.

Staffing Policy
When developing the staffing policy before entering new markets, Nike must consider several different aspects. One of the main aspects is whether to differentiate or not from original processes that have been employed when entering previous markets. Assumptions about the need to differentiate staffing practices across countries or regions are often unwarranted (Wiechmann et al, 2003), and this all depends on what market the company is entering. There is no need to differentiate from good processes if they have already been used and were successful and this is what Nike needs to consider. One key to successful implementation of a global staffing system is to allow sufficient discretion (Wiechmann et al, 2003). This will in turn satisfy hiring managers and other decision makers while not compromising the integrity of the selection system. Local hiring managers want to have tools that they feel are best matched to their culture as they want local norms, they don’t want to be compared to other countries, they want to be compared locally for selection (Borucki, 1983). Nike’s staffing policy will need to incorporate locals as well as staff members who are...
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