Topics: Human resources, Requirements analysis, Chief information officer Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: March 3, 2013
SR-rm-022 Part 1
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Mr. Bassett, Mark T.

Human resource management systems, are the backbone of every company in existence today they significantly improve the seamless proficiency; they are the bottom line of a company. In response to the request made by COO of Riordan Manufacturing Hugh McCauley, the purpose of this service request is to provide a way to integrate a variety of existing Human Resources (HR) tools into a single integrated application so that the company can take advantage of a more sophisticated, state of the art, information system in the Human Resource department. Key Stakeholders

In order to make a more precise evaluation of what you will need in your new Human Resources (HR) system it is imperative that the key stakeholders of the company our involved in the decision making process. The following is a list of the key stakeholders that should encompass the decision-making process: CEO-Dr. Michael Riordan is in charge of the entire “Riordan Manufacturing” company. Mr. Riordan is sole person behind the making of the corporate strategies, corporate vision, goals, and models. Mr. Riordan’s primarily concerns are with the performance of the company as well as the services provided to the customers and employees. The integration a new Human Resources (HR) system directly involves Mr. Riordan, for the simple reasoning of the complicity involved in the performance and service of the company. Chief Operating Officer- Hugh McCauley directs, coordinates, and administers the activities of the organization in efforts to support the policies, goals and objectives established by the chief executive officer and the Board of Directors. Director of Human Resources (HR) - Yvonne McMillan develops, directs, and coordinates human resources policies, and activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, and training and employee services. Director of Account and Finance- Donald Bryson directs...
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