Squirrel Talk: Adopting New Pets

Topics: Dog, Family, Chip 'n Dale Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Squirrel Talk

I was sitting at the Warren high school football game Friday evening, when I started listening to my mom and sisters conversation. My sister Tonya just showed up at the game and my mom said to her “Hey how have you been?” Tonya said, “I have been great, but really busy helping Richard build a cage for our new pets.” My mom was unaware that she got new pets so she said, “Oh, what new pets?” My sister said, “We just got two baby squirrels!” At this point my mother was completely shocked, and didn’t know what to say. It was silent for a brief second, and then my mom said, “What do you feed them.” My sister said, “They eat nuts, fruit, veggies, seeds, and corn.” My mom said, “Wow, that’s funny! Did you find them at the farm?” This is when my uncle Jim popped his head in the conversation and said, “A squirrel is just a rat with good public relations.” After a little bit of laughter my sister answered, “Yes, we found them at the farm. Richard and his uncle cut down a tree and they were living in it. He felt bad, so he caught them, and brought them home for me. Oreo still hasn’t seen them!” Oreo is their pet black pug. My mom said “Oh, just wait till he finds them, he will go crazy! I thought Richard was going to make him a hunting dog.” My sister said, “Wow, what a hunting dog! He isn’t very smart, you know?” My mom argued, “He is very smart!” Then she said, “When you get the chance you should send me a picture of the new pets.” My sister said, “OK, I will.” Then she asked, “Can you think of any good names?” My mom said, “Yeah, you could name them Biscuit and gravy, Chip and Dale, or Rocky and Bullwinkle.” My sister said, “Yes! Those are very creative names.” My uncle popped his head in again and said, “Enough squirrel talk! Watch the game!” My mom and sister, at the same time said, “OK!” After that everyone got quiet for a second, and then the talking started again. At this point I was tired of listening, so I started watching the game....
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