Squatters: Chicken and Salted Beef

Topics: Chicken, Water, Fruit Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: April 9, 2011
I dream of the day that I will be a wealthy landowner, but I have more than I had 6 months ago. My home is a bark hut, but I have a licence and enough sheep to start me off. Today I arrived back to the settlement, from Sydney, a days walk away, with my family who I hadn’t seen for months when I travelled here, picked this spot because of the river running close by. My family came on the dray with our food and medical supplies, crop and vegetable seeds, animal food and some chickens. We also brought tools, pots pans and other house hold goods. We brought a cow and the kelpie was running along side.

We arrived late with enough time to tend the bullocks and cow, set up camp for the night and have a meal of salted beef and sweetened tea. www.goseeaustralia.com.au/article_pics/Bullock_dray_with_young_driver_Dog_on_Tuckerbox_small_size.jpg


Today we rose at sunrise. Our roosters while still locked up in the chicken coop but still able to crow after his long day yesterday. Our first job before breakfast was to bring water from the river nearby.

We did this; my son helped me with this by carrying buckets over our shoulders balancing on a piece of wood. The track that I made before was still visible and recognisable by the marks I had made on the trees.

We had breakfast of more salted beef and damper and then got on with our day’s jobs. We milked the cow and then I began checking the fences, as I needed to bring the sheep back, which were being cared for by our neighbour.

My wife has started to sort out our shack that has one room a fireplace up one end and a living area up the other. I need to unpack our supplies and I would like to start the vegetable garden. I think I will shoot a rabbit for our tea.



Today, I am bringing the sheep back from my neighbour. I cannot afford to employ any helpers at the moment but I have met an aboriginal tracker who...
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