Jamestown Tobacco Bride

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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If I were coming to Jamestown as a Tobacco Bride, I would only pick things that I think are most important for the journey and my new life. First, I would pack my two best dresses, because I would want to look nice when I was being chosen. I would also want to bring a small amount of food that wouldn’t spoil, such as dried fruit, so that I would have food if I didn’t get enough to eat on the ship. Another thing I would bring would be a coat or jacket, because the ship probably wouldn’t be very warm, and I would want to be prepared. I think it would be important to also bring items for when I am living in Jamestown. Because of this, I would bring a needle and thread and about a yard of muslin, so that when I am in Jamestown if clothes need mending, I can fix them. I would also bring as much extra fabric as I could, so that I could make new dresses if I needed to. Last, I would bring a journal. This would probably the most important thing I took with me. I would use a journal to record my journal and everything I did in Jamestown. I would use every day, and when I wouldn’t have a chance to write, I would do double the next day, so as to not miss a thing. The journal would be what could help keep my life stable, while everything around me was changing.
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