The Seven Commandments of Animalism

Topics: Sleep, Dogs, Ten Commandments Pages: 3 (587 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Seven Commandments of Animalism
| |Commandments |Violation of the commandments. Provide the quotation and page |Who violated it? |The other animals' reactions. | | | |number. | | | |1. |Whatever goes upon two legs |The Commandment stated that humans are the enemy of all the |Napoleon |When the hens heard this, they raised a | | |is an enemy. |animals. But Napoleon made a contract with Mr.Whymper. | |terrible outcry. They protested that to take| | | |"Napoleon had accepted, through Whymper, a contract for four | |the eggs away now was murder. | | | |hundred eggs a week. The price of these would pay for enough | | | | | |grain and meal to keep the farm going till summer came on and | | | | | |conditions were easier" Pg.76 | | | |2. |Whatever goes upon four |Snowball is an animal too, but they don't sees him as a friend,|Napoleon |The animals were thoroughly frightened, they| | |legs, or has wings, is a |they sees him as a traitor, "at the work 'Snowball' all the god| |are very scared. | | |friend. |let out blood-curdling growls and showed their side teeth." | | | | | |Pg.79 | |...
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