Sports Nutrition Market in India

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1. Introduction

This chapter deals with overview, objectives, methodology, sampling plan and limitations of the study.

1. . Overview of the study

Business analysis of whey in India is not restricted to its well defined boundaries. Because of the nature of the product and its current status, it is traded globally and very small quantity is traded within the country.

The study is intended to study the effect of global changes on trade. Similarly the emphasis is laid on the application of whey as a product for mass market. The idea is to understand capabilities required for the same and see if any company can fit into that specification.

2. . Objective of the study

The study has been undertaken to meet following objectives:
1) To understand the structure, Conduct and performance of whey business in India. 2) To understand the evolution of Whey business in next five years. 3) To identify key opportunities for GCMMF in whey business. 4) To propose market entry strategy for GCMMF to enter into whey business

3. . Methodology followed

The study has used personal visits to whey processing plants and modern format stores, questionnaire survey of gym visitors, unstructured interviews with trainers, dieticians, and unstructured interview on telephone with employees of these plants, use of checklist for retailers and distributors. Secondary data from internet and literature have been used.

|Sr. No |Data required |Data sources |Tools used | |1. |Turnover, Supply. Market share, Main products, Production |Current |Internet, Unstructured interviews with the | | |facilities-capacity, technology; Profits, Future estimates |players, |associated employees, Annual Report study, Indian | | |of demand ,area of operation, |supplier |Export Agency-internet | |2. |Manufacturers, Prices, Volumes, Consuming segment, Margins |Product |Internet, Unstructured interviews with the | | |in different formats, Channels for different formats. |formats, |retailers, distributors, Annual Report study of | | | |Channel |players | |3. |Distribution channels, margins, mode of operation, |Channel |Internet, structured interviews. | | |incentives | | | |4. |Institutional buyers, consumers-segment, consumer |Consumers, |Consumer survey, structured/unstructured | | |preferences, acceptability, product and brand recognition |Retailers |interviews/focussed group surveys, Retailer survey| | |,benefits, value for money ,future market-volume/sales | | |

1.4. Sampling plan

The consumer related result is based on fifty consumers surveys conducted in nine cities namely Anand, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Karnal, Panchkula, Chandigarh and Gurgaon. The retailers, distributors and Modern Format Stores were approached randomly without any restriction on numbers. The idea has been to get qualitative and quantitative information both.

1.5 Limitations of the study
1. The number of consumers surveyed is not sufficient to generalise the results. However the results are indicative in nature. 2. Time allotted for the study is not sufficient.
3. Qualitative information has been used to understand different requirements of whey business in India. 4. Unavailability of authentic secondary sources for getting information related to gyms, medical stores, and whey utilisation in India etc.

2. Understanding Whey

2.1. Whey:...
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