Sports Day Database System

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Sports Day System

Name: Chan Ying Wah


|Objective……………………........... |Pg.3-5 | |Analysis.……..…….……………….. |Pg.6-11 | |Design ……....…….……………….. |Pg.13-21 | |Implementation…………………….. |Pg.21-54 | |Testing…………………………........ |Pg.55-60 | |Conclusion and Discussion………. |Pg.61-62 | |Documentation…………………….. |Pg.63 |

A. Objective


Whenever a sports day is held, there are a lot of data needed. For example, the personal data of students, data about the events (time, place and venue) and teachers’ job etc. All these data need to be managed first in order the process of the Sports day can be done smoothly. It was a hard task to facilitate data management in manual as the amount of data needed to be managed is huge.

In the past, the holders of the sports day system usually faced the following problems: - Making name list
Personal data need to be divided into different groups (events in the sports day) in order to make a name list of the participators of a particular event. As it was done by manual and the procedure is complicated, they took a long time to finish it. - Searching for details

When the teachers want to know the event of a particular student participated or the information of the student or events, they need to search through all the name lists and records. It is time consuming. - Ranking

When events are finished, the ranks of the students need to find out by the teachers themselves. As the number of participators of some events may exceed more than 50. It took a long time to rank the students. - Finding out finalist

Some of the events have the final, it took a long time for the teachers to find the best 10 students to enter the final. Also, it is easy to make mistakes that using participators’ results to find the best 10 students as the range of the results maybe very close. - Calculation of score

Usually, many schools will count scores according to the participators’ results to find out which house or class gained most. Teachers need to look through all the participators’ results to give them marks. It took a long time and the calculation may easily get wrong.

Apart from the above problems will be faced when holding sport day, when handling the data, there are several things, which may turn into problems, need to beware of: - storage
Since the amount of data needed to be managed is huge, the system should have a sufficient capacity to store large amount of information. For examples, the personal information of the student, the details of the sports events, the results of the events. Otherwise, the data may easily lose. - data manipulation (Data manipulation means queries for reading, updating, organizing, inserting and deleting data) The data (for example the past best record of the events) may change anytime, thus the system should control organization, storage, retrieval of data. - data consistency

As the amount of data need to handle is large and also there are many relationships among different, data may easily doubled. For example, a students may joined several events on the same time. The personal information of the student should not be repeated. Therefore the system should maintain data consistency and prevent two users change the same piece of information at the same time which leads to data corruption. - bulk...
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