Sport Management Issues Facing Administrators

Topics: FIFA, FIFA World Cup, Association football Pages: 8 (2464 words) Published: June 13, 2012
BLS110 – Sport Management 1

Assignment 2 - Due Friday of Week 11 (25%)

Students are to select a sport management issue facing sport administrators from newspapers, journals, pamphlets, websites, brochures, and magazines etc that you come across during the semester. In 2000 words students should briefly summarise the article and then critically analyse its impact on best practice sport management.

Professional sport today is clearly a commercial enterprise governed by the laws of supply and demand (Walsh and Giulianotti 2007) more than ever before. Sports have transitioned from amateur beginnings into professionally run businesses and many issues now face the industry at large. Challenges in sport such as management of professional and amateur staff, drugs and technology are just a few that sport administrators have to deal with. However, an aspect that has come under intense scrutiny is ethics and money since moving into a professional industry. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa), the governing body of association football throughout the world, is one organisation that comes under significant criticism. Here we will examine the Fifa World Cup 2018-2022 bidding process and how it has affected Fifa‘s credibility with allegations of corruption, and ways how to best combat the issue.

Founded in Paris, France on 21st May 1904, Fifa has been the international governing body of association football. Located in Zurich, Switzerland headed by President Sepp Blatter, Fifa is responsible for the organisation and governance of football's major international tournaments, including the Fifa World Cup which was first held since 1930. Fifa has 208 member associations (The Federation 2011), more than the International Olympic Committee (IOC) proving the influential power Fifa has internationally.

It has been argued that Fifa have been placed under a microscope more than ever before in recent years with fresh allegations arising after the 2018-2022 World Cup bidding scandal (Panorama: Three Fifa World Cup officials took bribes 2010). Looking back on Fifa’s history, they have been accused of corruption before but with very little proven to detain the members of any such misconduct. In the 1990’s, it was suggested that three senior officials from Fifa Nicolas Leoz, Issa Hayatou and Ricardo Teixeira took money from a sport marketing firm ISL (International Sport and Leisure), who was awarded lucrative World Cup rights. “The alleged bribes are included in a confidential document listing 175 payments totalling about $100m (£64m)” (Panorama: Three Fifa World Cup officials took bribes 2010) and date from 1989 to 1999. In 2008, some details of the alleged bribes surfaced where six members from ISL were accused of misusing the company’s money.

Looking forward at fresh allegations regarding the 2018-2022 World Cup bid scandal, it can be a sign of tough times ahead. As more money is invested into sport, sport administrators values and ethics can be degenerated. A couple of months out from the decision to decide the victors of the bidding nations, Fifa had visited bidding countries to assess the viability of a World Cup to be staged in the respective countries. The following nations were bidding for the 2018 Fifa World Cup: England, Belgium and Netherlands (joint), Spain and Portugal (joint) and Russia. 2022 Fifa World Cup: Australia, Japan, South Korea, United States and Qatar.

Leading up to the final decision on 2nd December, 2010 there was plenty of speculation in the media that some bids seem suspect. It was even claimed a source close to the bidding process, Alexey Sorokin, the chief executive of Russia 2018, told England a few days before the vote that they would have the necessary results to prevail in the voting (Humiliated: Bid Team stitched up as Russia Win 2018 2010). An undercover journalist also spoke to a Fifa source stating that “for some members of the committee, the attractiveness of the...
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