Database for Scheduling

Topics: Foreign key, Entity-relationship model, Data modeling Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Joshua Crisp
Prof. Raman Marwah

There are many advantages of creating a database for scheduling purposes. Having a database will allow trainers to see what courses they have coming up and their supervisors will also see what their workload is. Being part of a corporation that is expanding needs to be able to adapt to changes and having a database for scheduling will help. First we will have to look at what is needed to create a scheduling database and all the information that needs to be fulfilled. Next we will look at the advantages and disadvantages compared to trainers manually scheduling their courses compared to a database that is maintained by the company.

The requirements needed to build a database for scheduling is like building any database. First we will need to collect information that is needed so the trainers know what course they will be teaching and information for management of workloads. First a database starts with a model that shows how the database will relate and all the information that is needed a successful model will have: * The database model mirrors the operations of the organization * Be flexible enough to allow changes as new information needs arise. * Supports many different views. (Ricardo, 2012)

In the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD), we start by identifying the entities. In this instance we will use Instructors and Courses as are entities. Next we will identify how they relate to one another. In this model the Instructors and Courses will relate by Instructor ID and Course ID. Once we have a good ERD we need to review it for normalization which is done automatically in software like Microsoft Access. Once both of these are satisfied we can create the database and check for errors. (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012).

There are some advantages and disadvantages for creating a database within your company. First the advantages include: * Shared data for...
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