Sports Contributing to Life

Topics: Critical thinking, A Great Way to Care, Learning styles Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Sports Contributing to Life
Men and women love sports. For women, it could be as simple as a cute player or colorful uniform and for men as simple as rooting for the team where he’s from. Have you ever really wondered why some get so passionate about the games? Sports aren’t about wins and losses; they are a way of life. Being on a team when you’re little teaches and plays as big a role as your parents do. Team work, responsibility, learning to live with disappointment and critical thinking are just some of the ways Sports affects your life.

In football it’s eleven, baseball is nine, basketball five and hockey is six players all working together to create unity and play as one. Sports teaches you how to deal with moods, and attitudes that maybe far different from yours. In the work field you’re not going to get along with every employee or every peer in a classroom. Being on a team teaches you how to get along and cope with different personalities to meet a desired goal. Some people can just be told what to do while other may need to be shown. This is helpful later in life as well regarding different learning styles. If you are trying to explain something to someone you’ll have these team building tools to turn to.

Along with team work comes with responsibility. You learn early in life things and choices you make effect not only you, but your loved ones, friends and family. In a sport, you’re given a task that you’re responsible for. Also in life, you sometimes have to do things you’re just not so keen on doing; taking out the trash, paying bills, filing taxes but you know the consequences if you don’t complete you’re tasks. Baseball for instance, there will come a situation when you may have to slide and take out a player to avoid a double play or in football if your quarterback throws a high ball and you jump op to catch it even though you know you’re going to get destroyed by the tackler when you land. In a solo sport such as golf or tennis, the task of...
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