Softball and Great Exercise

Topics: Game, Softball, Play Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: January 22, 2013
It’s great to try something new, because you meet new people, and discover something you didn’t know about. I’ve experienced a new sport, were I discovered I was good at it and I love it, and that was softball. I’m athletic; I’ve played basketball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. The reason why I wanted to try softball was because I’ve always had an interest in it, but I never had the chance to sign up. I also thought it would benefit my health also. Softball requires lots of running so it was going to be great exercise for me. I knew it was going to take lots of practice for me to become a good softball player. Practices were tough because, I had to do lots of running in order to be good at racing through bases. Throwing, running and stretching was required during practice. I wasn’t familiar with the rules of softball so I had to learn them, I learned quickly. Throwing the ball from a distance was difficult for me the first times, but I got the hang of it. During games I was in charge of second base. It wasn’t a difficult position, because you either had to catch the ball and touch the base or touch the runner with the ball. I was continuing practices, and was getting better at it. It took one week for me to understand the whole concept of softball, mostly because I had the help of my team. My most significant experience in working as a part of team occurred when I was apart of the softball team. Without my teammates I wouldn’t have learned all that I know now about softball today. I was familiar with the softball players. We helped each other improve, whether it was with running, practicing drills, catching, or throwing. We never left a teammate behind. During practices we all ran as a team. During games we also chanted when the batter hit the ball. With out my team I wouldn’t have been as good as a softball player. So to me with teamwork come new friends and wonderful coaches. Furthermore, playing softball is a sport I like to play because it’s...
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