Why School Districts Should Continue Funding for Sports

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Why should the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) keep funding for sports program? Well what would schools be without the normal sports teams and jocks running around? In my opinion it would just be abnormal, competitive sports are a tradition in school that all children should have the choice to experience. I believe OUSD should continue funding for sports programs. Not only because they are a tradition; but because the also improves health, teaches teamwork, and improves academic performances.

For instance, sports have a big effect on the number of kids that are not a part of the great percentage of kids in America who are obese. In the article Benefits and Drawbacks of Youth Sports states, “… obesity affects so many people in the world, it is important for children to find enjoyable forms of exercise to maintain a lifelong healthy weight. “ Also, in the article What in the Name of High School Football the author states, “The greatest factor in preventing the nation’s number one killer – heart disease – is regular and vigorous exercise.” These two articles show how sports can help kids live a long healthy life and keep the fit.

Another reason the OUSD should continue funding for sports is because it teaches kids teamwork. In the article Benefits and Drawbacks of Youth Sports the author says, “[Children who participates in sports] can also learn about responsibility to a team and how everyone needs to do their part for the team to be successful.” This piece of evidence helps proves that sports teach kids teamwork. It is important for kids to learn teamwork, because it is needed in ordinary life experiences and work situations.

Lastly, studies show that sports actually help improve academic performance. Continuing funding for sports will allow OUSD to help kids excel not only physically, but academically. The article “Benefits and Drawbacks of Youth Sports” states, “Sports can improve school performance and grades. Students are often required to...
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