Sport & Active Leisure Unit 10

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|Assignment Brief: | |The aim of this unit is to introduce you to risks and hazards in sport and active leisure. You will learn that any person who participates | |in sport or active leisure is at risk of sustaining an injury. This is why it is important that any person wishing to pursue a career in | |sport or active leisure has a good grasp of health and safety and is able to respond appropriately to emergency situations. | |You will learn that the risk of a person sustaining an injury can be substantially reduced if the leader and participants are aware of the | |hazards around them and the ways in which these hazards can be eliminated or minimised. The unit will introduce you to the concept of | |hazards and the ways in which it is possible to protect oneself and others. | | | |Learning outcomes: | |1 Know how to maintain the safety of people involved in sport and active leisure | |2 Know how to reduce risks to people involved in sport and active leisure | |3 Be able to respond appropriately to given, simulated emergency situations |

|Assessment Criteria |Achieved |Not Achieved | |1.1 Identify potential hazards to people involved in sport and active leisure | | | |1.2 Identify risks to people involved in sport and active leisure | | | |2.1 Describe ways of minimising risks to people involved in sport and Active leisure | | | |3.1 Respond appropriately to a given, simulated emergency situation | | |

Task 1:

As a group discuss, identify and define what are risks and hazards in sports and active leisure. Illustrate your findings using 2 tables (one for risks and one for hazards)using the headings: Environment, Equipment & Personal (1.1 & 1.2)

Task 2:

Learners are to take part in a delivered session identifying high, medium and low risk sports. As a group produce 3 spider diagrams, one for each level of risk and sports associated with each level of risk. Learners must then choose one sport from each risk level group. Using the headings environment, equipment and personal, identify a minimum of 3 risks and 3 hazards for each heading associated with your chosen sports. (1.1 &1.2)

Task 3:

As a group discuss ways to minimise risks and hazards within sporting activities. From the sports chosen in task 2 learners must then choose one of those sports and write up different ways to minimise a least of 3 of the hazards and 3 of the risks previously identified within that sport from each area. (environment, equipment and personal) (2.1)

Task 4

Using the sports idenitified in task 2, learners must then illustrate the protective clothing required for each support. They must include a description of the clothing, it’s importance and...
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