Health and Social Care Level 3 National Diploma

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BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3
UNIT 3: Health Safety and Security in Health and Social Care P1: Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in health or social care setting.

This unit is trying to illustrate how harmful potential hazard can be within our environment and the danger it can cause. FIVE Potential hazards in Nursing Home
Potential risk posed by the hazard

Expose wire: Expose wire can cause patient’s trip over and fall which can cause injury and damaging parts of their body.

Water leaks:This hazard can cause damage to patient’s goods, furniture and can even cause dampness to their rooms and to the environment. This can even cause patient to be sick of cold, cough, cramp etc.

Slippery bath tub:Patient can slip over, fall and damage parts of their body. This can even cause serious injury or death. If a patient happens to fall over and know his/her head it can cause stroke. Slippery floor (caused by water or oil):This can cause death and injury if a patient happens to fall over. Leaking radiator:Water will go down to someone apartment which can cause damage to their property and will also affect other radiator not to work properly.

FIVE Potential hazards observed in work placement (hospital) Potential risk posed by the hazard:MopIt is not hygienic to use the same mop and cleaning material in the kitchen and the theatre. This may cause bacteria and transmitted disease which is not good for patient health.

Slippery floor: This can cause people falling over and break parts of their bodies and also cause injury to their bodies.

Gas leak: It will blow up and cause serious injury and may even cause instant death.

Moping floor not using wet floor sign:This hazard can cause people slippery over and injure themselves. It can even cause broken hands/legs, head injury and can also cause death.

Over loading of sockets:It can cause appliance to break down or spoil. It can also cause more expenses to the company by replacing it for new ones. Appliances like washing machine, cooker, boiler, light bulb, television etc.

Unit 4: P1- Identify FIVE potential hazards each in TWO health and social care environments

Potential hazards in Health and Social Care Environments.

Nursing home for mentally ill
In a nursing home for mentally ill people, round the clock care service is provided and the environment needs to be free of things that would harm the staffs or patients. These patients depend mainly on the staff to keep them and their surroundings safe.

Unclean toilets
This is a terrible hazard because if the toilets are not clean properly than the patients are at risk of getting contaminated by harmful bacteria, especially working with mentally ill people, these people are not well to know what is right from. When working in the health and social care sector you have to make sure that the toilets are clean very early in the morning or in between hours because there could be high risks of spreading more bacteria that the previous person who has just used the toilet have left behind so be aware of certain things like this.

Loose wires:
This is also an important hazard because if there are loose wires on the floor the patients will fall over it, trip or even put the wires in their mouths thinking it is something else and gets electrocuted or get themselves hurt. In this case when working with mentally ill people you have it in your mind that they are not well and they would capable of doing anything.

Wet floors:
Wet floors is an important hazard as well because if the floors are wet and the patients are not aware or see the water because of the conditions they may have, they could then fall down and hit their heads on the floor and get hurt so always when mopping or if you the floor is wet just put the sign showing that the floor is wet.

Kitchen equipment lying around:
This is a...
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