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3.1 Explain why it is important to take a balanced approach to risk management

What is a risk assessment?
A risk assessment is an important step in protecting the staff and children, which follows the policies and procedures. It helps focus on the risks that really matter in the setting – the ones with the potential to cause harm. In many instances, straightforward measures can readily control risks, for example, ensuring spillages are cleaned up promptly so children do not slip or cupboard drawers kept closed so children don’t trap their fingers.

Who’s responsible to do them?
The responsibility to undertake a risk assessment mostly lies with management of the setting, but the most effective method will include all members of staff

There are six steps of risk assessment:

1. Identify the hazard – The hazard is the item or situation that can cause harm to someone. 2. Decide on the level of posed by the hazard – The risk is the likelihood of the hazard causing harm 3. Evaluate the risks – what measures if any would be taken to minimize or remove the risk. If there are any safety precautions already in place if so, are they adequate and do the meet the required standards. 4. If measures are to be taken to minimize or remove the risk, they should be carried out at this stage – If you choose to remove the risk altogether, and this would be the time to decide what needs to be done. 5. Record your assessment – You should record the whole process and not your findings. Detail any measures you have taken and enter the date. You should also set a date where the risk assessment should be next reviewed. 6. Monitor the risk assessment and review at a later day – Monitoring the risk assessment means paying attention to how effective your measures are in practice.

Areas needing a risk assessment:
Areas around the setting that will undertake a risk assessment are:

Indoor and outdoor environment - This is pieces of equipment such as a climbing frame that...
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