Spending Habits

Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: September 15, 2010
Spending Habits of People: A Good or Bad Thing
Bibek Multani
Kaplan University

Based on the demographics of people, African Americans usually have 2 shopping carts with canned goods, readymade dinner meals (microwavable), ice cream, frozen pizza, etc. I think the reason for this is because African Americans may not be living the American lifestyle. Every time I go to Wal-Mart I see African Americans like how I described above. For the Latino, families there are a lot of corn chips with salsa, and beans, tacos, etc.

Other Demographics include age, and the only people I see at Wal-Mart are college boy and girls shopping, mostly for hot pockets and frozen pizza. Not a lot in the cart except for that much (I think it is because the college boy or girl is either paying or has a parent paying their college fee and also, they have a part-time job because of half of the time studying and attending classes, so not much money). However, all college students seem to wants what is the “in” trend, what people are doing or using “right now”.

It seems that seniors (elders) care about health and need hobbies to keep themselves busy. In addition, they place more value on quality than on cost. Also, they prefer packages to be labeled and the labels to be upfront where they can see them properly. Environment is important for seniors too. For example, they would not go shopping that was filled with teenagers and college students, and where the quality of the food is all TV dinner like.

Consumer Culture – A disease on the rise
Yes, there is evidence that we are switching to consumer culture, although the transition is not fully complete yet. This means that there are people who express themselves differently than from the past (buying the “in” products of today and bragging to everyone else about those products). Like I said, we all want the “in” product of today and new products come out every day, so the product of tomorrow is better than the one...
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