Personal Budgeting

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  • Published : April 9, 2006
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In today's here today, gone tomorrow society there are not many people that take the time to create a personal budget. Many feel that they don't really need it; while others just don't want to restrict their spending. With this in mind, it's no wonder that personal bankruptcies are at such an all time high. The advent of credit cards and the wide spread availability of credit itself has allowed people to purchase what they want, when they want, with little to no regard of whether they can really afford it. There is small hope that these patterns of behavior will change in favor of living on a budget until the masses realize all of the advantages of a personal budget. Living on a budget relieves a great deal of financially related stress. It's always fun to spend money but when the bill comes due, the fun is long gone. A lot of times when this happens people resort to what my grandmother use to call ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul.' In other words, they resort to using one credit card to pay on another card. Other times people choose to get what's called a "payday advance loan." A payday advance loan is given by a credit company for a specific amount that will be automatically taken from your next paycheck. While this will put money in your pocket for the short term, in the end you will still be in the same hole. Either of these situations causes a viscous cycle of debt that can be extremely difficult to recover from. A budget helps to ensure that debt is prevented and money will be available throughout the entire month. A budget also helps an individual regularly place money into a savings plan by freeing up money that they did not know they had. This allows for a comfortable retirement when that stage of life rolls around. It will also provide a financial cushion to cover any emergency situations that may arise. Goal achievements are also an advantage of personal budgeting. Everyone has financial goals that they would like to reach in the future. Whether it's...
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