American Apparel Consumer Profile

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Passion and Innovation for the Apparel Industry. That’s American Apparel.

Maddison Kain
Maddison Kain


American Apparel is a relatively “young” fashion line that caters for the 20-30 age bracket, with a largely female skew, however they have a diverse range that caters for the growing male market—who are becoming more and more “fashion conscious” in an age where merchandise rules who’s “in” and who’s not.

Their typical demographic is single, well-educated, studying at university or college and thus a low- to medium-income earner. American Apparel steers away from tweens and the under-18 age bracket. American Apparel also chooses not to go after the popular 34-45 age bracket and people over the age of 45. American Apparel also chooses not to target people who are married or divorced with children in school.

While American Apparel operates over 150 stores in the United States alone, there are less than 24 retail outlets located in the Midwest. American Apparel could have alternatively chosen to include in their target market those living in rural small towns, far away from a major metropolis, or in the middle of a farming community, but they chose to concentrate on the densely populated inner-city metropolis areas where there are large department stores.

American Apparel concentrates its entire operation within a few square miles; however this does not limits its access to consumers. American Apparel can boast 260 worldwide stores and ships its goods to over 19 countries. American Apparel is a global franchise that offers consumers all-hours access to the brand and its latest collections via its online store, which is the main sales vehicle of the company. Thus strong advertising and campaigning are central to the brand, its image, appeal and customer access.

According to CEO Dov Charney, the vision for the...
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