Topics: Robot, 2004 albums Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Rui Wang
Dr. Mary Spelman
English 1213
20 January 2013
Robots can benefit us in real life.
Robots are automatically execute machines. It is acceptable to human command; they can run pre-programmed procedures, can also according to the principle of an artificial intelligence technology programme of action. Its mission is to assist or replace human work, such as industry, construction industry, house work, or dangerous work. UN standardization organization adopted the United States Association of robot definition :“a manipulator programmable and versatile; or to perform different tasks with the specialized system available computer and programmable action.” It brings a lot of convenience or benefits for the human. Initially, the robot can be our close friends, and the friends you don't have to worry that he will betray you, stabbed you in the back or away from you. He can be one of you, and only you. In real life, this comparison is in such sincere egoistic, fewer and fewer people. So the robot has become particularly valuable. When the robot is our friend, he would listen to me, and I will not quarrel, we would get along very harmonious. Secondly, when I went out for shopping, the robot can give me a lot of advice. I had a real example. Every time my boyfriend and I went shopping; I asked him, which dress looks better? He would say both are good, or I cannot judge the girls clothes. This can let originally the pleasant shopping trip becomes very unhappy. It is the nature of every man to come. Thirdly, when the weather is getting cold, so do not want to get up really quick. However, most of us are using the smart mobile phone; you can set the alarm clock the night before, but to the very next day we will press into nap sleep, or direct shutdown. So the result is that we will miss the class or to work time. But the robot is different, especially a person lives alone. He will point to wake us up, just like when mom and dad did in...
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