Turkle and Gopnik

Topics: The Turtles, Obligation Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Connecting points for Turkle and Gopnik

“What changed? That James story helps supply the key. It was trains and telegrams. The railroad ended isolation, and packed the metropolis with people whose work was defined by a complicated network of social obligations. “ (Gopnik 157). | “She confined that she would trade in her boyfriend ‘for a sophisticated Japanese robot’ if the robot would produce what she called “caring environment”… I would be happy to produce the illusion that there is somebody really with me… A responsive robot even exhibited scripted behavior, seemed better to her than he demanding boyfriend” (Turkle 269). |

In both passages the authors discuss how technology can be very convenient for us. Gopnik discusses how trains and telegrams make it easier for people to get where they need to and communicate. However, trains brought over crowding to the cities and telegrams created a sense of separation because now people did not have to actually go and see each other. Turkle also talks about the convenience that comes with technology. When she was talking to a female that said that she would not mind a robot boyfriend because it would help her not to be lonely but unlike a real one it she would not have to tend to their demands.

“The real question, I saw was not “Why this friend?” but, “Why this fiction?” Why as Olivia had seen so clearly, are grownups in New York so busy, and so obsessed with the language of busyness that it dominants their conversation? … grabbing lunch instead of sitting down and exchanging intimacies”( Gopnik 156).| “Do you care that the turtle is alive?... A ten year old girl told me that she would prefer a robot turtle because aliveness comes with aesthetic inconvenience… “For what the turtles do, you didn’t have to have live ones.”(Turkle 265-266) |

Both authors have made assumptions for their essays based on youth’s point of view . Gopnik uses his daughter’s imaginary friend to show how things are in the busy...
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