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Topics: Vietnam, Tourism, Mekong Delta Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Part 1: Language learning
1. What are your earliest memories of learning English?
I started learning English when I was 10 years old with the guidance of my mother, She is my fisrt English teacher who inspired me to learn English and helped me understand the importance of learning English. I have memories of picture books, books with letters and a number of English songs which thanks to them I was gradually improving my English. 2. What do you find difficult about English?

In my opinion, listening is the most difficulty in learning English. When I practise my listening skill for IELTs test, I can not write a suitable word inspire of understanding what they said. The second difficulty about English is speaking. Thinking in English and speaking with right pronounciation is a great challenge that I need overcome to use English fluently. 3. What do you enjoy about learning it?

It would be the same as learning any other language, I have complished something new and different and in reward, I will learn and understand more about is’s society and culture. As a consequence, learning English will give me more opportunities in the difficult race of getting a good job. 4. Which other languages have you studied?

One of my hobbies is listening to K-pop and watching Korean Drama, so I have studied Korean in order to communicate with celebrities through different social networks (for example: facebook, kakao talk, twitter). Part 2: Describe a present which you very much enjoyed receiving. - What is was? It was a black motorbike.

- Who gave it to you? My elder sister.
- What the occasion was? My 20th birthday.
- Explain why you were so pleased to receive it. The motorbike was bought by my sister’s savings for many years. At that time, my school was too far away from home and in order to go to school, I had to catch 3 bus routes. My sister apprehended my inconvenience well and that’s the reason why she gave me a motorbike to go to school...
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