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Topics: Paper, High school, Writing Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Looking back at my pervious English experience, I have learned more than I thought. In high school I couldn’t understand anything that was going on in class. It was hard for me to pay attention in class. When I started attending college, I really started learning things in this particular subject.  My freshman year I had to take development English and reading to catch up to the college level. That development course has help me tremendously in the course im in right now. I’m way more confident writing papers and taking test now than I was in high school.   In high school, English was a big struggle for me. My confidence level was low all the time. I didn’t learn that much in class. My teachers would only  teach the basic stuff like adjectives, verbs, and nouns. I was good in those areas but needed help in other areas. They also gave me stories to read and questions to answer. That was one of the areas i struggled with. That was hard for me because I never can focus while I’m reading. My mind would be all over the place and I wouldn’t be able to do my assignment. The test was even harder than the regular work. Anything that has a long passage, I would fail because of my attention span. I know I wasn’t ready for the college level.    When I got to college I really learned how to write. I also learned how to read and comprehend. My teachers did a good job teaching me more about writing papers. I found all my weaknesses and strengths in writing. I was still struggling but I was getting the hang of it. As the semester was going I was getting better in my writing. I was finally getting some confidence when I got an assignment. The assignments didn’t have me stressing as I would’ve been doing in high school. I was getting comfortable with what I was doing. When we were assigned our first paper I wasn’t nervous at all. I used all the strategies that I was taught. Free writing and brainstorming was used the most.  Brainstorming was my favorite strategy to use though. It...
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