Spanning the Globe

Topics: Human resource management, Expatriate, Expatriates Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Denise Gail Watson
Homework – Week 4
September 12, 2012

Spanning the Globe

Tex- Mark has expanded their operations globally. The company takes foreign employees, known as expatriates, and places them within those countries to run their engineering operations abroad.   Tex Mark has developed a training program for these expatriates before their decent into international territory to ensure that they are comfortable managing human resources and implementing various programs, cross culturally, this program has failed (Dowling, Festing & Engle, Sr. , 2009) Tex-Mark has had consecutive failures in expatriation processes as they did not go well in most of the cases in many countries including Mexico, wherein Tex-Mark did not treat the local and national government with enough respect and sensitivity. This resulted in several delays in the project including authorizations from the government which should have taken only couple of weeks instead took 6 months or more. There was also an expatriation problem which happened in Jaipur, India. An engineer was replaced at the last minute. Eric Christopher (HR Director) had designed a training and development program for the engineer, including a one week visit for him and his wife. (Dowling, Festing & Engle, Sr. , 2009)

This brings up the failure of training and development. Lack of pre-planning for this assignment resulted in the increase in time period of the assignment from 18 months to 3 years. This was mainly due to Fred’s inability and unwillingness to work with other local engineers and the local government in India. There were no regulations on expatriate training programs: It was only recommended for the expatriates to undergo a training program, but this should have been mandatory. There are many factors when an engineer or an expatriate has to oversee before taking up an assignment in any region or a country. Expatriates were not really given any professional language course before...
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